Currency Explained

Still pondering currency? Then you are doing Better Together’s job for them. All they want is that single question to hang there seemingly unanswered, so the mass of people who won’t bother to research it believe there is an issue. And it means they can say to Yes folk What’s your Plan B…

On the other hand, we need answers – be nice to get some from the No side for a change but the media ain’t interested in that game.

This week my radio programme asked Crawford Beveridge to come into the studio. He chaired the government’s fiscal commission which came up with the currency union option and still sticks to it. Crawford is an American Scot who divides his time between California and Scotland and is a successful businessman. He doesn’t talk flannel. His voice is that of a man who knows how the world works, how money is made, what business needs and who believes there is nothing to stop Scotland freeing itself from grip of London control to become a successful rich nation.

Here he does an explainer of the currency issue. It’s part of a half hour conversation with me in which we touch other topics including his worries if the UK leaves Europe – a serious business hazard. Tune in at

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