I have half an hour before going for the kids…some random thoughts.

I’m pleased about Neil Findlay standing for Labour leader because he is very direct, sounds authentic, has distinct left-leaning views and might be just what Labour needs.

Sarah Boyack offers a very different option with experience, intelligence and not a little grace.

I want to know which one will be first to declare the Hate the SNP campaign at an end. Until somebody does so and starts treating the party of government with respect in public, Labour will be trapped in old politics. It’s going to be hard enough finding space to reconstruct the party in a leadership race without being burdened by old baggage. A declaration that the SNP are ‘not our enemy’ and we will not oppose for the sake of it would be the most positive sign of change imaginable.

Jim Murphy standing would be a mistake for him and the health of Labour bringing a note of toxic Blair versus Real Labour poison we can do without.

One of Yes’s failures was to attack effectively the United Kingdom and how it works. Today we hear of chronic deficiencies in immigration policy that has become a death star of inaction and confusion as we draw more wanting to live here and as thousands of asylum cases have gone unchecked.

Many who fled here from desperate straights arrived seven years ago and don’t even have an initial assessment made – that is a shameful story for some of the most distressed and frightened people on earth who cannot even work while here. In fact, it’s a form of cruelty.

On the same day we hear how promises to treat wounded military personnel as a priority is also failing, leading to poor and delayed treatment for soldiers who have fought for the state. Some have waited years for the help they need. Funny how rashly the politicos offer to send our troops in yet are painfully slow in looking after them when they come home…

Here are three stories on the BBC news site which all tell the dismal tale of the UK financial sector to which we have all to genuflect….

Deutsche Bank swings to a loss in the third quarter because of higher legal costs to settle investigations.

                  ‘Rip-off’ payday loan broker warning NEW Consumers are warned to be wary of “rip-off” payday middlemen, after the NatWest bank reports that it is receiving hundreds of new complaints every day.

                  Yorkshire fined £4.1m over mortgages Yorkshire Building Society is fined £4.1m for failing to deal properly with customers who were falling behind on mortgage payments.

Lastly, I like Nicola Sturgeon’s style. There is a remorseless logic to her Four Nations EU Exit idea based on the UK’s own rhetoric of family of nations all respecting one another. Makes life tricky for the London parties – always a good thing in itself.

Britain is far from the fair society the Unionists claimed in the campaign and now we are armed with a mass of new evidence they provided to win the indyref…

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